Truth & Beauty Pinot Noir Barrel Tasting

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Sundays November 5th, 12th & December 3rd

11am to 12.15pm

Taste, discover and discuss Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir with our winemakers. Swirl and sip straight from barrel, compare and contrast with older vintages from 2 venerable single vineyards, as well as Quealy's cult Pinot recalibration; Rageous.

All proceeds donated to Balnarring Sustainability Fair.

Vineyard spotlight

The first Seventeen Rows of MV6 Pinot Noir were planted by orchardist Stan Paul in 1982.B Along with his wide tractor, he created an enchanting vineyard in the warm, low-lying Balnarring sub-region. Of expansive vine spacing on a gentle north-facing slope, Seventeen Rows elaborates voluptuous, contemplative, baritone Pinot Noir.

Musk Creek arrived a little over a decade later, by which time Kathleen & Kevin were fully ensconced on the Peninsula and building their reputation for all things Pinot. The vineyard clings to the edge of Main Ridge and, at 180m elevation, commands stunning views down the valley to Flinders, with Phillip Island and Westernport bay completing the mise-en-scène.

Here Pinot Noir is exposed to the whims of the Southern Ocean, remaining on tenterhooks between gusts, showers and balmy afternoons during the extended growing season. Beneath the surface lies a 40-million-year-old tale of eruption and extinction. The rich, chocolatey red soils rendered by Flinders volcano add to the complexity and idiosyncrasy of this cool climate expression.

These two vineyards encapsulate the Peninsula distinction of ‘on the hill’ vs ‘off the hill’ – a comparison that can be tasted and illustrated at our Cellar Door any day of the week.